jolies_couleurs (jolies_couleurs) wrote,

Andrea McLean

Andrea is probably my favourite living artist: see though the reproductions on her website do not do justice either to the complex vibrancy of their colours or the complexity of their detail.

They are often sensitive essays after the nature of a place weaving things actually seen, known and loved, with her wondering eye or that are plucked from the accumulated stories of a place. In many of her pictures you step into an image woven from memory, sight and history that illuminates the actual place, making you see it with freshened eyes.

When she was the artist in residence at Bleddfa, she created the 'Bell Wheel' - six feet in diameter and full of incident, richly textured.

( )

As an artist in residence, she was a joy. She would sit at work in the cool barn hall until interrupted by a visitor to whom she would talk, offer tea, and allow, if they wished, to add their own small offering to the evolving work, that she would then weave into the whole. A person full of her own vision yet of striking generosity to others.
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